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My wife just after she sat on my cock and let me ejaculate into her hole. I want her to come home to me some day and say “here honey, this is for you, taste how good “he” tasts”

My wife sucking my cock.
I hope that some day pictures like this will arrive on my phone from my wifes lover.

A few pics of the wife in her underwear. Need more?

My wife sitting on my cock

My wife sitting on my cock

As requested, here are more pics of my beautiful wife showering.
I imagine that she is getting ready to go out with new lover and she wants to be clean for him.

When she gets back to me.. she will be dirty and used.. just the way I like it.

All fantasy for me for now.. but I hope that I will watch her do this one day.

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My wife posing her beautiful body in nature.. as she should.
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How I want to see my wife in a hotel with a stranger or a regular lover.

This has not happened yet, so I have to use the pictures of me fucking and using her in the hotel as a inspiration and fantasies until it happens.

My wife flashing her perfect ass and her sweet sweet cunt at night by the side of the road.

My wife flashing her perfect ass and her sweet sweet cunt at night by the side of the road.

My wife’s past

I love it when my wife tells me about her past sex life.

Unfortunately she has not has as many lovers as I would have liked her to have had, but she was no virgin when I met her.

She has had a few longer lasting relationships and a few one night stands and casual lovers.

In total she has spread her legs for a total of 8 men and their cocks.

I’m number 9

She has told me that the boyfriend she had the longest relationship with had the biggest cock.

To my great regret she does not know just how big he was, his measurements, but he was big and his cock was also very attractive looking.

It took her some time to admit it to me, she did not want to hurt my feelings I guess, but his cock was not only longer than mine but also fatter.

It was one of the hottest things she ever told me the night she admitted to me that he his cock was bigger and fatter them mine.

I never get tired of having her compare my smaller cock with his bigger cock and what he did with it on and in her when she was his to fuck.

More stories to follow if you want to hear more about my wife.