Anonymous asked: I feel the same way you do but never asked my wife how do you bring up the subject

I asked her to tell me about the guys and cocks that fucked her before I met her. Love to hear about all they guys that have fucked the pushy I eat and fuck now. That was my angle.


tributemywife asked: i also have a tumblr blog where i post pics of my wife. do you want to trade wife tribute videos?

Thanks, but tributes are not my thing.. unless they are done on her body IRL :)


aestheticlicense asked: Love your blog... I similarly have fantasies about my wife jerking off another guy. What kind of guy do you picture her with (aside from being well-hung)? And does she have any preferences about what kind of guy she'd go for?

Thanks :)

Apart from being well hung.. I would love it if he has a tight well shaped body, and he should be courteous outside bed and very assertive and masculine in bed. I don’t mind if he out ranks me in every way possible.. 


wife4share asked: Great blog! I have the same desire to share my wife with another man or couple! Haven't told her about my fantasy yet. Nervous I guess what her reaction will be. We've played with a female friend of hers a few years ago. Hopefully one day :)

I hope you get your wish.. it is a win win situation for everyone involved :)


onelovelycouple asked: Love the blog! You're wife is sexy!! Share her with us :)

Thank you very much.. and I would love to share her with you :)


letusgetkinky asked: Share her with me :p

I would love to :)

the one in the car and the one with the lamp is us :-)

(via mutual-pleasure)


Anonymous asked: I have videos if u want to see them

Hmmm a bit hard to say from an anonymous post.


Anonymous asked: I want to told you that your wife as good body shap I like her body , and as I know you like to see your wife with other man but I want to ask you is she like to see you with other women ?

Thank you very much.
I have seen here with another girl and that was amazing. Something I would love to do again some time, but for me this does not compare to the urge I have to have her be with a bigger better man :-) I may be the compare element, and I don’t compare my self to women so it does not have the same appeal to me.

Hope this makes sense.


Anonymous asked: I can't tell you how much I enjoy your postings, pictures etc - Your wife is stunning - I have much of the same fantasies with my wife. Its a turn on for me to even think about it and visualize it - Thanks very much to both of you for sharing

Thanks for the comments on my wife and yes she is stunning. I hope for both of us that we get to share them with other men. Best of luck.