the one in the car and the one with the lamp is us :-)

(via mutual-pleasure)


Anonymous asked: I have videos if u want to see them

Hmmm a bit hard to say from an anonymous post.


Anonymous asked: I want to told you that your wife as good body shap I like her body , and as I know you like to see your wife with other man but I want to ask you is she like to see you with other women ?

Thank you very much.
I have seen here with another girl and that was amazing. Something I would love to do again some time, but for me this does not compare to the urge I have to have her be with a bigger better man :-) I may be the compare element, and I don’t compare my self to women so it does not have the same appeal to me.

Hope this makes sense.


Anonymous asked: I can't tell you how much I enjoy your postings, pictures etc - Your wife is stunning - I have much of the same fantasies with my wife. Its a turn on for me to even think about it and visualize it - Thanks very much to both of you for sharing

Thanks for the comments on my wife and yes she is stunning. I hope for both of us that we get to share them with other men. Best of luck.


Anonymous asked: es preciosa; acabo de masturbarme viendo como la penetras. Me gustaría penetrarla yo también mientras tu miras

Had to Google translate this one. But thanks for the comment :-)

Fuck session shot from below. I would love to have my wife and her lover stand over me so I could see his massive cock fuck her and stretch her pussy lips and have their juices run from her well used hole and into my face so I could taste them both.


tunat1 asked: She's amazing. Does she know what your wishes/fantasies are?

Thank you and yes she is. 

She knows all about my fantasies and when we have sex she is very very good at sharing her experiences with her pas lovers and boyfriends.. bot only the where and when but also the how and with what :)


Anonymous asked: Does your beautiful wife know about your desires to have others fuck her? What does she say about that if so?

Yes, she knows all about my desire to have other men use her, and she thinks it is a very hot fantasy. She get off knowing that I will not be the last man she is with. When this will happen.. that neither she nor I know. But I am hoping it will be sooner rather than later :)


Anonymous asked: Can she handle large cock

She has before me, but I’m sure she can. I hope to find out one day soon. 


Anonymous asked: fuck

That is what I am trying to get her to do!